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BLAST FROM THE PAST: Codie Young @ Vogue Australia October 2010 cover by Nicole Bentley →  November 11, 2014

Hi, this is BLAST FROM THE PAST, a series of posts where I’ll open the chest of (more or less old) memories and show you what I’ve found in it. It can be something I already wrote about, or which didn’t appear here at all, the point is to share with you something not exactly […]

+ Kirstin Kragh Liljegren @ WSJ Magazine November 2014 by Ben Weller – And that pout… →  November 8, 2014

First of all: I’m 99% sure I’ll do a post about her shots for Costume December 2014 as well (for the record she’s also on the cover of that magazine – and she looks stunning) quite soon. Then… “her” is Kirstin Kragh Liljegren, a model I find incredibly interesting, yet with some little buts; in […]

Maaike Klaasen @ Glamour Germany November 2014 by Christian Anwander – It is hard to tell →  November 6, 2014

I’m listening to Nas now that I’m writing this post, so the title… yep, Illmatic, “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”… but what is hard to tell in this case? First of all: Maaike Klaasen. Maaike?!, yeah!, last time I wrote about her was August 2012 (really?!), and since then I kept following her in a […]

Oh you walked Chanel? Please, tell me more about how special it is to be the 1.16 % of something →  November 6, 2014

So… if you know me a little, you know how I generally defend models. I hate… I hate many things in fact: when they’re treated like lifeless objects, backstage creepy creepers, people who use words like “anorexic” without thinking about what they’re actually saying and how they hurt those girls’ feelings, men who stare at […]