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++ Yumi Lambert @ New York / London / Milan / Paris Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 – Elle n’est pas jolie, elle est pire (She’s everything) →  October 9, 2014

First of all, I will admit it: even if the original “Vous n’êtes pas jolie, vous êtes pire” is by Victor Hugo, the title in all honesty directly comes from an advertising (Kookai – “Je ne suis pas jolie, je suis pire”) I happened to see in Paris. In fact it caught my attention since […]

People are the worst: Stella McCartney’s Instagram deleted pic – what about “you” instead of “she”? (in Ji Hye Park’s shoes) →  October 7, 2014

Sooo, I’m kind of… here we are again *shaking my head*… but, first of all: what happened? Briefly, Stella McCartney’s Instagram shared this few days ago, eonline.com with a model, a shirt from the Spring Summer 2015 collection, the caption “Worn well”, and… shock and indignation, the backlash aroused. So comments like   Disgusting, that […]

Yulia Musieichuk @ TANK Magazine Volume 8 Issue 2 Autumn 2014 by Janneke van der Hagen – Complicated enigma? Pointless riddle? →  October 6, 2014

My last post was about Kasia Jujeczka, and sure, you may like her, you may not, nevertheless a couple of things are clear: her qualities, her role in the industry (hehe “Kyle Korver of gloomy apathy”) and how noteworthy to be such an outstanding interpreter of those trademark vibes is. So we know who the […]

Kasia Jujeczka @ AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2014 by Anders Edström – The Kyle Korver of gloomy apathy →  October 3, 2014

I received some emails about Kasia, and… I thought it was pretty interesting to write about her. To both talk about a model I find clearly remarkable (we’ll see why) and what’s the difference between taste and objective considerations. So, let’s start with those emails I received… I have to say in general they weren’t […]