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August 5th, 20104:01 pm @

First of all, I have to say it’s been quite a long time I haven’t thought of Silvia; and I noticed her again at Donna Model Management (Tokyo), where for the record you can find two young models I really love like Petra Hegedus and Sofie Schwensen (on my “to do list” for sure – Petra especially), a solid and reliable one like Oksana Gedroit, and Amalie Hartmann and Clara Zapffe, two models I have to clear my ideas about for sure, but worth take a look.



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The point with Silvia is quite easy: when you don’t know what to think about a model, I mean your ideas are not so-much-clear, well, that’s a problem. And talking about Silvia, I’m exactly in that kind of problem.





The points are practically two:

- honestly I haven’t seen so much of her lately (and that’s a shame – but the fault is not mine);

- Silvia isn’t exactly an easy kind of model to understand.


So, once I first of all make it clear that my opinion is generally positive about her, I have to say what somehow interests me about her is that, despite she’s a standard model for classic jobs… she has something. Not the “odd touch” of some east Europe girls (especially – but… don’t know, Emily Wakes for example isn’t…), not at all, but the fact she isn’t exactly “an easy beauty” or “pure cutie” is a plus for sure. And despite her young age, her face features look extremely mature and once more perfect for “very classic jobs”, that by themselves are nothing bad, not at all – and if you can do them counting on something special and solidly peculiar, well, even better.