+ Elena Lomkova @ Pimkie – J’adore this… so what?

January 15th, 201112:31 am @

I was walking down the street when I pass right in front of a Pimkie shop, and I see this:

pimkie facebook page

Oh my, I’m in love. Ok, this pic doesn’t give you the idea of what is something like this a little bigger and… so sweet, cute, adorable, delightfully fresh.

As usual, when these things happen, I thought: I have to know who this model is, ab-so-lutely! The answer is: (surprise!) Elena Lomkova. The funny thing is: I know about this model from such a long time, so… no, “this can’t be her!” I thought; I mean, I like her, I liked for some things she did, I… but… c’mon, look at this,

(yep, you can find it in Pimkie site too…)

she’s so, so… no, Elena is, but not this much, not this way!

But, as someone taught me (me to myself for the record…), if you have any kind of doubt about models identity, the answer is: skin. And I find it detestable to admit it (as a general principle), but I was right.

(sure I’m super meticulous – and not only with Julija Steponaviciute! haha sorry, but I had to write this stupid consideration…)

Now that the doubt has gone, I have to say… ok, ok, you’re right, “Who’s that other girl?”: yes, believe me or not, Laine Rogova. But I swear, I swear, it’s just (and such) a coincidence!

I mean, honest: I noticed “that girl” (who I found to be Elena), so I entered the shop and in others pictures all over the walls who do I see? yep, Laine Rogova. Here some other pics (making of too).

I have to say I generally preferred Laine in these,

‘cause after all I like Elena, but in “something like this”,

that I’d generally not consider best chance for her to show her most appreciable qualities, she somehow showed her limits too.

So… nothing, this is a big lesson (at least I guess…): surprises can arrive from the most unexpected models; not ‘cause the model is not a good model, and in fact Elena for me is sooo underrated, but because of the “what”. Honest, I didn’t expect such a pure delight shot from Elena (actually the one with the mature lady too), and… ok, to close:

-before I forget, I’m still waiting for a good psychiatrist for my problem with Laine Rogova

-really, I love that pic so much! Now I’m not in a big city (not at all), but as soon as I’m back I’m going to ask Pimkie shop to give me that giant printing (if they still have it!)… I mean, I guess they’re going to dump it, so give it to me, and everyone’s going to be happy!

No, seriously, I have to say it was such a long time I wasn’t thinking of Elena, this has been such a delightful surprise, and… nothing, hope this is going to be a good chance to not forget her once again, ‘cause I don’t think she’d deserve, not at all. In fact Elena is a good model, sometimes very good, and oblivion is not for this kind of model.