Jill Stuart (MVM: Monika Jagaciak / Codie Young) – New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012

September 12th, 201112:49 pm @

A show I pretty liked after all, and I both talk about the vibe show / collection expressed, and how the cast has been chosen and proposed. Even if I have to say… I understand and endorse some solutions, great part in fact, but a little less some others “taken to the extreme” – and I talk about some models with a way too marked, mature, strong and kind of powerful femininity.

Btw, yes, a show I liked, and the way those pastel colors and fresh gracefulness have been mixed to dress (convincingly) a vision of woman pretty wide and multifaceted has been very welcome; especially ‘cause the models in the show, if we exclude some extreme solutions I wrote right above, totally expressed that kind of will for the best.



Monika is Monika, a model good for any kind of solution in any show for any season – but here she has the merit of representing both show’s souls and directions for the best. So yes, mature and solid, perfect to embody the fairy and dreamy vibe of the collection as well, not so much to say, she’s simply one of a kind.

++ CODIE YOUNG (closed)


Codie is another very interesting model from that point of view, ‘cause despite her slender figure and adorable attitude on the runway her stunning and stone-cold confidence mixed with her unique sunken eyes (that I love to death) make of her a surprising and amazing factor (somehow “stolidly adorable”). So yes, with Monika my fav model of the show, ‘cause the way she mixes the two identities I wrote right above is pure magic. She’s the delicate vision of a (cold, obvious, and fragile, and so beautiful) ice flower, and I love it so much



Well, Constance embody for the best a mature and charming woman. But back to the collection… well, those eyes, that face, if Codie is “stolidly adorable”, Constance may be “adorably breathtaking” I guess, and that’s some kind of magic as well. So I found simply perfect in a show like this one.



If it was up to me, these two models would walk 90% of the shows I guess, and @ Jill Stuart they showed once again why. I have to say Caterina is a more cryptic and hard to totally understand one, but in any case… yep, they’re both reliable and solid, plus, they both have that certain “je ne sais quoi” which makes of them unique solutions for any show. Caterina especially has at the same time the solid look ok a “Valerija Kelava work in progress”, but still the fresh vibe of a girl of her age, which totally comes out on the runway; and what about her unique beauty?, unique without being kind of “extreme” like others, an even more important factor talking about runway?




I wanted to mention these two models ‘cause, even if I can’t say I love them, well, in this show way had to play a part, the same one in fact, and they did it pretty well (talking about styling, ok, perfect, but maybe I’d have preferred these two models wearing some fairy tale prints).




Same as above, even if in this case the part is totally different. Btw once I say I liked a lot Andie’s confident and rhythmic walk, well, for this show Ruby and Andie represented in my mind somehow “a limit point”, considering the kind of model they are and represent – a limit point which imo, and you’ll see right below, has been passed.



In the show there were other models like Sara Blomqvist, Rosemary Smith and Siri Tollerød and which, even if I haven’t mentioned them, I pretty liked. So no, the point wasn’t about not having some kinds of models or something, the point is about… well, it has nothing to do with liking or not two models like Vika and Monika too (in fact, I pretty liked them in most of the shows they walked these days, and for example Vika at Tommy Hilfiger today was awesome), the point is: really, are they in the best solution possible for this show?




Two models I found not so convincing; yep, I generally don’t like them so much, but here a little less. I mean, if a model like Anais may be considered simply out of place from any point of view, Karolina… ok, I may agree considering her convincing with the first outfit, but about the second, well, a laconic “No way” is better than 100 words. Btw… yes, general consideration about Karolina: I already had the chance to say 1) she will have the chance to walk a good number of shows this season (and in fact, she is), but 2) I’ve always the feeling of a model doing her homework well, nothing less, nothing more (for the record: no, don’t you even try to name a model like Lisanne de Jong, it’s totally different…). It’s partially because of the kind of model and beauty she embodies, and partially because of some limits I guess – and, sorry, but (at least at the moment) for me that’s it.




Once I say I’m still not a fan on Maud’s “Luke, I am your father – reaction” runway eyes, that I’d like to see her a little more glib (maybe she is, but it still doesn’t seem so) but that after all I liked Maud here… well, Julia is a model I pretty like (talking about runway especially, of Julia in front of a camera I’m generally not a fan), but sometimes the way she “goes with the flow” works more, sometimes less, here, I don’t know why, personally not so much in fact.