FOR THE RECORD… – Other models & looks from New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 1/2

September 20th, 20116:28 pm @

First of all this is a double-post (yep, a single post would have been way too long in fact), so the preamble will be a copy & paste in both posts. Then -

This season I decided to add something new to usual posts about shows, ‘cause you know: during Fashion Weeks there is the chance to see a lot of interesting things, sometimes those noteworthy things, models in this case, are a little “extemporaneous” in some shows, somehow “flashes in the night” – so I found this post a good solution to show those “flashes”, and mention models I didn’t have the chance to write about in previous shows posts as well.

Btw I guess I’ll do the same with Milan & Paris FWs, but London one especially, ‘cause despite this season I decided to not do posts about single shows there, well, there are some things I noticed and I’d like to show for sure…

PS btw this is a good compendium of other shows and models, but that doesn’t mean… ok: sure, I’ll still find out I’ve forgotten this or that model in this or that show, but at least, you know, “better than nothing” I guess. And, before I forget: yep, compared to usual shows posts this is going to be more a visual list.


++ Irina Nikolaeva

Hanna Rundlof

Luisa Bianchin

Irina Nikolaeva is a model I love to death (even if talking about personal taste, not exactly my fav kind of model or girl), and I guess some of her unique characteristics are objectively remarkable and worth a greater attention – greater than the one she generally seems to have for sure. Btw in this show her fierce, tough and at the same time charming femininity, helped by a perfect makeup / hairstyle / styling came out for the best, and about that I couldn’t be happier.

Hanna is simply fabulous and Luisa, well, fabulous as well, and… “strong femininity and firm attitude” are her best qualities, here you can easily see why.


++ Lyoka Tyagnereva

Jefimija Jokic

Lyoka is a model I like a lot talking about runway and shows, and I really don’t understand why she doesn’t walk shows she’d deserve to walk. @ Nicholas K she was simply amazing, and I can’t find better ways to show what I mean talking about Lyoka’s outstanding qualities.

Jefimija Jokic is a totally different kind of model, but I wanted to mention her ‘cause… yep, even if for totally different reasons, I’d expect her to walk way more shows than she’s doing: not exactly unforgettable, but interesting, solid and reliable for sure.


Josephine Skriver / Mila Krasnoiarova


Alejandra Alonso / Kristina Romanova

Two models I don’t like so much, but who when have to go out, walk and look fabulous are simply flawless – Alejandra especially is such a stunner, and imo she still don’t put on the runway, at least completely, the amazing beauty she is, and the kind of impact it has in “everyday life”.


++ Hailey Clauson / ++ Toni Garrn

I just realized I showed Toni something like… 5 times in this post (oh my, really?), and there is a reason. She has the kind of beauty “supermodels” (whatever the expression is supposed to mean) have, but in her case, well, I’m a fan; when in fact I usually am not – of her kind of beauty and model she is. That said, I love her stunning presence on the runway, here a good example. A breathtaking “apparition” (hehe more than appearance), and in so many kind of solutions (Carolina Herrera / Ohne Titel / Ralph Lauren will show what I mean).

Btw Bill Blass show gave a good opportunity to Hailey too, whom with a totally different beauty and attitude played the part great.


Toni Garrn

*_*’ (translation: her beauty sometimes is simply embarrassing…)


Bregje Heinen / Simona Andrejic


+ Lindsay Lullman / + Kate Kosushkina

Beegee Margenyte

Lindsay and Kate are two models I like a lot, so any occasion to show something about them is always welcome – in this case especially, ‘cause this show seems the perfect occasion to express for the best their delicate beauty.

Btw I have to say the collection and the models as well were pretty variegated (for the record, there was Maaike Klaasen too), and… yes, that explains pretty well the presence of a Beegee, who I liked, sure, maybe not the best place to show her strong and marked femininity, but she’s absolutely convincing; I generally have to say “bridles” seemed to work with her so far, if well done and accurately placed… the way here happened.


Caterina Ravaglia


+ Toni Garrn / + Josephine Skriver

+ Samantha Gradoville / Britt Maren

Four models I simply loved in this show, and each for pretty different reasons and because of her own best qualities. Britt Maren is somehow a chapter by herself, and that said… Toni is a kind of model, Josephine a totally different one, Samantha is somehow “a halfway solution” (stunning and breathtaking presence, but such a sweet and adorable attitude, that comes out in such a lovely way), and in this show they were all simply marvelous.


Kate Kosushkina / Samantha Gradoville


++ Charlotte Nolting / Kelsey Van Mook

Naomi Preizler

I love Charlotte, and @ Charlotte Ronson she shows pretty well why – no need for other 1000 words. That said: Kelsey is one of those models I usually don’t notice or mention so much, but who always does her job convincingly, and I wanted to underline it; Naomi… ignoring considerations about Elite and how peculiar this season in NY was for her and the agency especially, well, I have to say she’s a model I find a goldmine of potential, especially off the runway maybe, ‘cause talking about shows I still have the weird feeling of a Naomi who can’t express her uniqueness and strong points for the best – we’ll see. Btw I like her, sure, and in this show too.


+ Kristy Kaurova

Kristy in one of her best versions. Amazing, not so much to say…


Caterina Ravaglia


+ Simona Andrejic

Ilse de Boer / + Kristy Kaurova

A show that always has a strong and marked personality, so yep, you may like it, you may not, but that’s quite clear. That said, a show not easy to walk in fact, and if a model like Simona isn’t a surprise (great, as always), Kristy has been a very welcome one in fact, ‘cause I didn’t expect to see her convincing this way in such a context.

And… yep, what about Ilse? She’s such a gorgeous girl, a stunner, with such an astonishing presence – so: why can’t she express that on the runway?, or at least convincing the way she sometimes do in front of a camera? I expect way more from her, and this show (with its excesses too) showed it pretty well. And don’t forget this post is only about positive things I wanted to show, so mine is only a constructive consideration about a model after all I pretty like and I wanted to mention…