Dolce & Gabbana (MVM: Samantha Gradoville) – Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012

September 27th, 201112:10 pm @

Ok, if everything will go the way it’s supposed to go (but most of the times in this blog simply doesn’t…), right after this one my Milan Fashion Week posts should be about two other shows, DSquared2 and Prada, and then a “Models & looks from Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012” (like the one I did with New York) which should contain everything I noticed and especially liked and which wasn’t in posts about shows I had the chance to write. So, once I underline (I love to admit my ignorance) talking about Prada… usually I see shows, I enjoy them, maybe the opposite, but with Prada I decided to take some days to literally study it and understand the collection the most possible, ‘cause, and I totally admit my limits, I just found out I never happened to get Prada collections in less than something like 5/7 days I guess… so, underlined that: this Dolce & Gabbana show.

This show historically has a lot of models who, I have to admit it, most of the times simply look great. That said, for this and other reasons I won’t bore you with, I decided to do something peculiar for this show: create a (kind of detailed) Top Ten, and then mention and show some other noteworthy (talking about the show) models.

I have to say it’s not been easy to create a Top Ten (especially ‘cause, as usual, Dolce & Gabbana has a never-ending showlist), and maybe in few days I’ll totally change my mind about some positions (better: I’m sure!)… but here it is; and yes, it’s not like Letterman’s Top Tens, no countdown, ‘cause I simply thought pyramidal structure was the most appropriate here… :)




Dolce & Gabbana is a show always made of stunning women and a strong vision of femininity, but whose whole identity is always about the different facets. Last season the gorgeous side of the moon… I mean women, was mixed with elements of strong masculinity, this SS12 it’s about colorful and picturesque elements which came directly from Italian markets and kitchens. And if you could find corsets, laces (as usual), pieces of refined craftsmanship and some colorful crystals as well, the scene has been dominated especially by an exuberant and bright “Mambo Italiano”, sensual and intriguing in its bright energy.

So, all that said – who better than Samantha? I have no idea… I underline it every time I can: what I love about Samantha is how a stunning beauty and statuary presence are mixed with her incredibly bright, delicate, girly and adorable attitude, and it’s something different from what a Constance Jablonski is and embodies, ‘cause Samantha doesn’t have those eyes and adorable face, but at the same time… if for Codie Young I wrote “She’s the delicate vision of a (cold, obvious, and fragile, and so beautiful) ice flower, and I love it so much”, well, I guess Samantha is a fire flower – and the conclusion is somehow the same: I love it so much. Btw perfect with this outfit, she would have been in Bianca Balti’s too (and maybe better, with the delicate touch of the adorable vibe Samantha expresses), and in any other in this show.



Simona, and I’ve already wrote it sometimes but better repeat it, was a model I didn’t like so much in fact, and at the moment I can’t honestly understand why. What I know is at the moment I love her, I love her unique face and the amazing mix it creates with her slender figure; yes, her body structure, such a delicate vision every time, and the maturity of her face features, which makes of her such an interesting and kind of “ancient” (btw “ancient” in the acceptation of “ancient Greece” for example) beauty.

More specifically, here… she wasn’t somehow quintessential for the show and the collection the way Samantha has been, so I can’t think of her as my favorite model for this show, but… wow, look at her!, as I saw her I was simply breathless. Not a stunner like other models in this show (Bianca, Toni, Natasha, Magdalena, etc – just to give you an idea of what I mean), but… she simply mesmerized me, like few others in this show did.


++ BIANCA BALTI (opened)

What to say?, a stunning, mature and blooming with femininity Italian beauty, and that, the Italian part, explains why she’s 3rd and Toni 4th. In a Dolce & Gabbana show a model like her is always in the right and best possible place, not so much to say; despite what I wrote these days about her I don’t really love Bianca, but when she’s in best shows possible, and this is a very good example, not so much to say.



A kind of beauty I’m not generally mad about, but… once I say Toni is the kind of woman capable to drop any man’s gaze and whose beauty is kind of intimidating, nothing else to say. Btw if I mentioned her and not models like Natasha Poly or Magdalena Frackowiak (who after all are in the same “slot” in my mind) in this Top Ten is simply ‘cause… yep, for my personal taste still not a super and fierce fan of her, but these days I’m appreciating her more than ever, and talking about solid and reliable solutions she’s totally one of the best possible. Btw great outfit, that kind of highlighted her classy, elegant and “intimidating” dimension.



When I write about models “good for all seasons” I usually mean models like Patricia van der Vliet, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, and with a “so on” I guess you’ll get what I mean. Karlie is somehow “a unique model good for all seasons”, ‘cause she’s got that same amazing reliability and an incredibly over-the-top vibe others don’t have (totally not in fact). “The force is strong in this one”, and she can use it in so many occasions and situations. I can’t think about so many other models capable of mark an epoch the way she’s doing, especially ‘cause (and I love it) she does it in such a marvelous undertone and almost whispering…



Can you think of other doe-eyed (hehe or something like that), adorable and at the same time gorgeous models? If you can’t don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s simply about the fact Constance is one of a kind – and here she shows it pretty well.



So glad to see Marlena here, a model I like (really) a lot and whose general underestimation is personally kind of insufferable. I don’t think I’ll ever think of her as one of my first 10/20 favorite models, but she’s one of those who can mix an interesting and at the same time always flawless look with such an ease, I love her mature beauty and, why not, even her kind of girl-next-door-vibe – that’s it.



One of my fav models at the moment, if we talk about runway; I liked a lot her in New York, and she’s totally confirming everything in Milan as well (and in this Dolce & Gabbana specifically too). Yes, I wrote about her age and so on, but I only have to consider what models do, to set more or less meaningless rules (or “guidelines”) is not my business, lack of coherence and credibility of “the whole system” (fashion system in this case) is not my fault (and my business neither) in fact!, totally not – so yep, to say her presence in Milan is at least ironically questionable and to repeat exactly what I wrote in that post about Valerija and what happened in New York (and is happening these days, NOW, Present Continuous btw), and at the same time to say I’m literally loving Valerija these days for the shows she’s walking is everything but incoherent.



I have to say, and I feel free to admit it ‘cause I like her a lot and since such a long time, that maybe this hasn’t been the show where I exactly liked her the most so far and generally this season, but that said… well, she may not arouse enthusiasms sometimes, but she’s certainly always impeccable and flawless – here too.



Alejandra!, finally Alejandra. A perfect Mediterranean beauty for this show, and a model I’d like to see around a little more often. As I had the chance to write recently, Alejandra especially is such a stunner, and imo she still don’t put on the runway, at least completely, the amazing beauty she is, and the kind of impact it has in “everyday life”: here she totally did, and I’ve been very glad about it.

Here other models I wanted to show, in a merely indicative order of preference (or something like that I guess… and btw, in a merely indicative order of preference HERE – otherwise you would have found models like Daphne or Emily, in my Top Ten above for sure…), but who I all liked: