? Nastya Kusakina @ Teen Vogue March 2013 by Boo George / Dazed & Confused March 2013 by Jeff Bark / AnOther Magazine Spring Summer 2013 by Blommers & Schumm, Alasdair McLellan – Sooo,

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I know I had to do these two posts (the one about the Chanel Spring Summer 2013 campaign with Yumi Lambert / Ondria Hardin you’ll find later too) yesterday, but… you know, blah blah blah random excuses blah blah blah. Ok, now that your ideas about my pathological procrastination are clear, let’s talk about Nastya.

Sooo, what to say about the Russian model, one of my favorites at the moment? I always have very positive words for her, right a couple of days ago I once again underlined the wonder she can be and how incredibly interesting and simply mesmerizing some wrongly undervalued sides of her are (see the marvelous apathy she can express), that sad, there are some things that leave me doubtful – not principally about her, ‘cause if talking about Nastya in front of a camera I may have some doubts great part of them are especially about a so far evident incapacity to actually highlight her for the best (Yumi Lambert is on the same boat, you’ll see it today too).

I decided to mention four editorials which appear in recent magazines (March 2013 or Spring Summer 2013 the issues), now let’s see the two shoots I definitely liked less, @ Teen Vogue March 2013 by Boo George






and Dazed & Confused March 2013 by Jeff Bark:






You’re right, Nastya / Teen Vogue is a duo you already had the opportunity to let’s-say-admire (September 2012, December 2012, Febrauary 2013, maybe more, but for me it’s in any case enough), but… yep, in fact if Nastya is a model I love like very few others and so far I decided to ignore many editorials she’s appeared in mentioning the shots for Club Monaco Spring 2013 campaign by Venetia Scott / Vogue Russia December 2012 by Mariano Vivanco just as an excuse to say what I’d like to see, well, some good reasons there must be. The two shoots above are two quite good examples of the “mediocrity” and “simply all wrong” chapters, ‘cause 1) if it’s quite easy for a model like Nastya to get lost in a kind of context where her subtly whispered intensity can’t come out, at the same time 2) even if I placed “Middle-earth” in the title of that post I wrote about Nastya by Venetia Scott / Mariano Vivanco, well, the editorial @ Dazed & Confused definitely doesn’t express what I meant, since the shoot (incredibly: I didn’t think it was possible such a thing…) succeeded both giving a version of Nastya simply unrecognizable and loading her shoulders of a weight which, in this kind of circumstances, only models like, dunno, Codie young?, could have successfully carried. So yep, too much, of anything, of nothing after all, and if you had a little hope to see Nastya’s fairy dimension, well, you’ll better pretend nothing actually happened and it was all just a bad nightmare.

On the other hand… I can’t say I completely loved the two editorials @ AnOther Magazine Spring Summer 2013, but I liked the direction they both had and some interesting suggestions they offered. The shoots are by Blommers & Schumm








and Alasdair McLellan:






(yep, for the record with Clarice Silva Vitkauskas, not a model I love but objectively not a bad choice at all)

Interesting the white-oriented styling, some little suggestions about a body which evocative potentialities so far have been in great part unexplored (I obviously mean off the runway) and the (sometimes simply ineffective, or not that successful, the way it was supposed to be) intention to highlight Nastya’s hallmark apathy in the first editorial, the second one is probably one of the things I liked the most so far. The “less is more” has a dimension finally interesting and suggestive (those shots for the Club Monaco campaign were something else from this point of view, and somehow even in that completely different dimension a not-completely-successful result), the delicate grace of her beauty is naturally unbridled and so her capacity to look surprisingly and in some cases mesmerizingly intense, a word I love for her, “disarmingly” innocent yet cryptic, in her own way captivating and drop dead intense.

We’ve see four good examples I find in any way all interesting, we all still have in our eyes the astonishing wonder she can be on the runway, the many and multifaceted suggestion she can naturally express and embody there (still because of her trademark characteristics), so what to say?, it’s reasonable / somehow a must to expect a lot from Nastya, in print too, the potential is outstanding, sure, in my opinion she has some limits, she’s the kind of model who needs a little help (not to look convincing ‘cause she’s incredibly solid, reliable and always flawless, I talk about something else, something more if you want) to actually express herself for the best, but some territories are still unexplored and it would be really a shame from some points of view to continue the way it’s (generally) happening. Especially ‘cause for the kind of model Nastya is and because of what is really outstanding in the astonishing vibes she can transmit the unique and somehow contingent grace she now transmits won’t last forever; sure, innate, natural, it’s hers and so will remain (see a model like Ella Kandyba, or Andie Arthur, or why not?, Zuzanna Bijoch / Bette Franke from some other points of view), but now it’s something different, inimitable, ephemeral and exceptionally charming, so, why to waste and lose such a spectacular and most important once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?